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The Authorized Recovery Difference

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Charity Davis, the President & Founder, is dedicated in providing excellency and accuracy in all aspects of Utilization Review. We take pride in the quality of work we provide and the integrity we firmly believe in. Our staff has over 15 years experience handling cases in the substance abuse and mental health industry.

Our licensed clinicians seek the most out of the patient's benefits by authorizing the highest levels of care and extends the length of patient stays. We provide an open communication path with our clients as well as adhering to all confidentiality requirements.

Authorized Recovery has registered nurses and clinicians on staff with an extensive background in the field of substance abuse and mental health.  Obtaining the highest level of care and maximum days in treatment for each case is crucial.  Which is why having knowledge of the insurance requirements and criteria is an important role in what we do day to day.

Our team will make sure you are in compliance with the utilization criteria of each payor.  Clinical information is obtained and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations for protecting confidential health information. 

Having those long-term relationships with the insurance providers enable us to extend that relationship to your facility.  Authorized Recovery’s management and support staff is always available to answer questions that may arise.  We provide tailored services to our clients. Whether you are a large or small facility, our service provides solutions to all your utilization needs.


Utilization Reviews can be managed in three ways.  Either you do it yourself or you hire a high salaried nurse or doctor to do the job for you.  Or you can choose our Outsourcing Utilization Management Services team. 
Each alternative has its pros and cons. 


Utilization Management Services for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Initially, handling the UR yourself may seem cost-effective.  However, the time and money you will spend on the hiring process for a certified person can be time consuming.  It will definitely have a negative impact on your business and attending to the patient’s treatment.  I challenge you to add up all the costs and compare that with our outsourcing service charges. We assure you it will prove not only more economical but more efficient and stress-free.

The money saved from outsourcing your UR can be used for future expansion and obtaining a license for higher levels of care.  You will be amazed by the increase in your revenue with a UR company you can stand behind!  Our utilization management outsource company will do the job more efficiently with our expertise and within the time-frame a review needs to be done, at a fraction of the cost.

These are Some Examples Of The Services We Offer:

  • Periodic Licensing Reviews & Compliancy
  • Establishing a Utilization Review Program for New Facilities
  • Management Consulting and Precertification
  • Concurrent Reviews and Chart Reviews
  • Performing Necessary Appeals
  • AR Billing