Our expertise is to seek the most out of the patient’s insurance benefits by acquiring the highest levels of care.  The services below are designed to address everything from implementing new ideas or more basic problems affecting everyday business practices.

Variety of Services Offered:

    Periodic licensing reviews & compliancy
    We make sure your licensing is up-to-date and are compliant with all appropriate agencies.

    Establishing a utilization review program for new facilities
    We help your reviewers clearly understand the principles of effective utilization review and provide hands on training in your setting.

    Management Consulting
    We can design and deliver other types of training and consulting customized to your situation.

    The act of authorizing specific services or activities before they are rendered or occur.

Concurrent Reviews
Part of a utilization management program in which the behavioral health care is reviewed as it is provided.  Reviewers, usually nurses, monitor appropriateness of the care, the setting, and the progress of discharge plans.  The ongoing review is directed at keeping costs as low as possible and maintaining effectiveness of care.

Chart Reviews
Organized way of gathering information from medical records.

Performing necessary appeals
Enable your facility to support appeals based on medical necessity through objective criteria.

No matter what your facility’s needs are, we promise to keep an open communication, stay abreast of the ever changing requirements within the industry, and provide top quality utilization services for your facility!

These are Some Examples Of The Services We Offer:

  • Periodic Licensing Reviews & Compliancy
  • Establishing a Utilization Review Program for New Facilities
  • Management Consulting and Precertification
  • Concurrent Reviews and Chart Reviews
  • Performing Necessary Appeals
  • AR Billing